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  Namaste Public πŸ™ A big hieeee to my Littlethings Family. There is a love note for you all. Dear Public, In the recent time, you must have seen that I have been recreating the blog page in order to keep all the posts together in one page. In all this recreation I wasn't posting up with new content so as to avoid duplicate posting in near future. There is good news and bad news for all of us. I started off writing to live up the passion of writing my thoughts and conveying the same to others. Lessons learned are meant to be shared to help one. So, after a long number of years I finally got into blog thing. Perhaps with good time, I have learned about the Do's and Don'ts in starting of a blog. I don't want your and my precious time to get wasted in reading the repeated or re-posting of posts. And I believe to deliver good quality than quantity of posts. And in order to keep our connection alive and connected, I am planning something new and different apart from third pa

Story of the Start ❤

Namaste Public πŸ™!! Aap sab ka swagat hai    logooo.! Hi,I have read somewhere that a blog can be place where you can share your personal experiences too. Usually, a blog is where articles related to health, hygiene, study courses and etc. are shared for the development of personality and other skills. But here in my blog, I shall be sharing some life experiences, personal perspectives and opinions which I have learned through all these years.  Since my school days, I have heard my mother say- “If you know something better than the rest and if it isn’t shared among the others, everything you have learned is useless”.  One more person I admire the most is my friend’s mother, she is sweetheart and caring human being, and  she even says- “if you can’t share the things you have learned, then you are still uneducated”. After my mother, she is the one who wanted me to learn and get well educated. Because of this two woman and their efforts, I have completed my studies after my 10th standard

Stay hungry. Stay foolish

  Namaste Public πŸ™!! Hello and adab!!  A big hellooo public, here today I am merging up the post of 'welcome week' (it will be no longer available on site) with the 'Askyourself' series (to renamed soon)  to have a combine shot of all blog posts. Have a good repeat telecast and read it again with open hearts and mind and show your same love here too. Much Love Public. πŸ’“ Will be back with fresh post as soon as the merging is done. Hope you will love to read again. ‘Stay hungry. Stay foolish.' -Steve Jobs According to the above phrase - one should always be hungry for knowledge i.e. one should not be in content mode instead shall be willing to learn and experience new things and should not consider oneself as expert but shall be fool to take up risks in life to learn more and be better. I got to learn about this beautiful phrase during my school times. Since then, I have been applying it to different situation to cope up with the circumstances. During school times,

Do you know ? (Saturation point)

  Hello and Adab!! Namasteeeee Public!! A Big hieeeeee to all. Okay come on I am not talking about the ‘Do you know’ song of Diljit Dosanjh. Even I didn’t even heard it for once. Jaldi conclusion pe aa jate ho yaar. But yes, I had listened to a song known as ‘I don’t know’ song of #MB sung by Farhan Akhtar in one of the latest movie of #MB. (FYI: M ahesh B abu is one of the Tollywood actor.) (Sirf Hollywood and Bollywood actors he favourite ho sakthe hai - aisa kaunsa book mein likha hai, bata do zara.) There are various things we don’t know. So never act that you know everything. Every single minute, a new thing or new version is been updated. Rest I leave it to your understanding mechanism. Do read – ‘Stay hungry, Stay foolish’ post in the Welcome Week tab (soon going to merge it here in this section of the blog). Always try to keep yourself open for learning. Learning is an amazing thing, if you take good interest.         Let talk about time, we are almost about t

I love the way you smile. You know why?

Hello and Adab!!  Namasteeeee Public!! A Big hieeeeee to all & Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. The year 2020 is going to a different year among all the years we have seen and lived. And for the very first time in my so far lifetime, there is no music, no dhol dhmaka for welcoming Bappa around the festive time of Ganesh Chaturthi. Missing the good vibes, that crazy energy dance, that unmanageable crowd and the loud shout out of – Ganpati Bapppaaaa Morya all around. Missing every bit of the action. I hope you all can relate with it.   Par chahe shor nahi hai, par aastha hamesha hai aur rahega. Pyaar hamesha se hai, and Bappa humare saath hamesha se hai aur hamesha rahengay . Bappaaaa is love πŸ’—always and forever.πŸ’— (Bappa aur unke pappa, hamesha hamare saath hai.Agar vighn hai toh vighnaharta hai, aur galth hai toh vinaash bhe hai.) Today I was supposed to write the blog post some other topic but then eventually I thought today is the day where I can write about the post –